I`m here to make sure all your sexual desires come to life…… your most wildest dream , the greatest adventure you can ever think to venture. I wont stop at anything until you cum

Flavio Garay: Cork Board Aka the Cock Board

The brand new cork board just arrived. The unboxing will be today, June 16 2021 at 9:15 PM EST. Come visit me and let’s have fun with this new toy. You can have your name there by tipping only 10 creds. This "COCK" board "premiere" will be a cool opening. The biggest the tip, the biggest the cock you will get 🙂 … As valways, I will be open to your ideas, so don’t be shy and tell me whatever you have in mind. Hope to see you guys today! XOXO Love! FG

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Guido Amber: Recording

Hello friends I hope you are very well, I want to share an experience that I had yesterday (blushing), well yesterday I had planned to share a while with a friend, but it turns out that when we were sharing, your partner arrived, I thought they were going to discuss the matter, but it was not like that too, we had an excellent time between the 3 lol and we did some videos that you love when you see it,… I send you kisses and hugs friendsGuido

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