Guido Amber: I'm Back!!!!

hello friends I have finally returned, pass the time of pandemia sharing with family exercising and sharing with friends and friends was great everything, until they get to have the virus but I went strong and I exceeded thanks to God I have returned with all the attitude and energy to share with you and fill us with many pleasures, thank you for having been attentive with me and for your attention and love, after I exceed all this resume my training and recovering the time with the rich vergas that I am finding along my life…. Kisses lovers

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Danny Thomson: Night #2

I have always wondered why we have to be something we do not believe or that we are not, only for the simple, I have done that person to see you that you judge you. But they always know that I answer myself "after I know who I am, I will not bother me on the opinion of others … I learn to accept ourselves as those we are, but we also accept how others are and not simple we follow the current of Label them as "presumptuous" .goodnight

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Believe me when I`m saying I`m a true expert of causing pleasure to people. I am glad if I can learn new tricks, though. Got anything up Your sleeves?

Mycke Fit: My Day 03-06-2021

Starting you will tell you a little about what my experience has been as a whole model, my 3 day working, where I am learning a lot about this beautiful and magical world, since for me it is very new to have interaction with such special people from different parts of the world.I tell you that I have counted with people fallen from heaven who treat me like a king and makes me feel very special, I am very happy and I hope that every day is better to continue growing as a model.

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Danny Thomson: Night

Sometimes it is difficult to count or convey a story, I tell you a little about me, I am an auxiliary of profession nursing, after a very difficult moment of my life, I decided to leave the profession that for years had sustained my needs that regardless of the socio-economic stratum to the that he always belonged, he was elevated, through this medium and this industry I hope I can not only perform each of those dreams that are ahne them if I can not spend a day never thinking again more in tomorrow that will happen with me.feliz night

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