Guido Amber: Forestry Sex

Hello friends, I hope you are all very well, have you ever had sex in the middle of a forest? I really had not experienced it and yesterday I did it, I left home to smoke a pr. when I crossed a white Barbado man with a black jacket and the head on his head only saw his face and his beard, I told them What do I have a great weakness for the beards since I am a hamplino? Well the man approached me to share him of my Porro, and while I smoked began to touch softly over the Jean the cock, then I took it out, I knelt and started devouring that huge and delicious cock, then He stood up, he turned to back and began to suck my ardent ass, then gently began to put his fingers inside me, while I kept sucking cock a good time, the man then held me strong from his hip and began to fuck me slowly Until he began to get wild and strong, after giving me that cock a good time I started sucking it again and he was losing control until he began to step on jets of his rich milk in my mouth and tongue … that delight

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